Nicole Ledger-Hovencamp

Nicole and Dr. Shaddox (November 2013)

Nicole and Dr. Shaddox (November 2013)

UF DMD Student, Class of 2018

Nicole Ledger graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in animal biology. During her undergraduate studies, she worked as a dental assistant in several private practices. Just before graduating, Nicole took a position in the College of Dentistry as a research assistant for Dr. Shaddox’s clinical research studies. In addition to assisting in the research clinic, Nicole helps coordinate Dr. Shaddox’s clinical studies investigating periodontal disease in African-American children, patients with type II diabetes and glycogen storage deficiency syndrome. She is also working on a study looking at the longitudinal improvements in clinical parameters during the course of periodontal treatment in African-American children with aggressive periodontitis.

Currently, Nicole is in the UF DMD class of 2018.


  1. March 2014: 2nd place in the Student Research Group DENTSPLY/Caulk competition. AADR meeting, Charlotte, NC


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  2. N. Ledger, V. Metellus and L.M. Shaddox. “Changes in clinical attachment loss and pocket depth to periodontal treatment in African-American adolescents with aggressive periodontitis (in preparation)

Poster Presentations:

  1. N. Ledger, V. Metellus, A. Vovk, P. Harrison, I. Aukhil and L.M. Shaddox. “Long-Term Clinical Response following Treatment of Localized Aggressive Periodontitis” American Academy of Dental Research. Charlotte, NC (March 2014)
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