Julia-Ann Hu

Julia-Ann HuUndergraduate Student Volunteer

Julia-Ann Hu is a pre-dental student who graduated from the University of Florida in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

During her undergraduate studies, Julia was a research student volunteer working with Dr. Luciana Shaddox from August 2011 to April 2013. It was there that Julia analyzed cytokine levels of African American children with aggressive periodontitis. She compiled statistical analyses comparing primary and permanent dentition immune response. She co-authored the abstract “Hyper-Inflammatory Response between Primary and Permanent Dentition with Aggressive Periodontitis,” which she continued to write the draft manuscript for and is now in submission to the Journal of Periodontitis.

Her hobbies include cooking, spending time with family and friends, taking fitness classes, and volunteering at a nursing home. Julia plans to attend dental school and become a dentist involved in serving the underprivileged.


  1. J. Hu, A. Vovk, H. Huang, P. Harrison, I. Aukhil, S. Wallet and L. Shaddox. “Hyper-Inflammatory Response Between Primary and Permanent Dentitions with Aggressive Periodontitis” (in process)

Poster Presentations:

  1. “Hyper-inflammatory response between primary and permanent dentition with aggressive periodontitis L. Shaddox, J. Hu, A. Vovk, H. Huang, S. Wallet, P. Harrison, and I. Aukhil. International Association for Dental Research. Iguacu Falls, Brazil (June 2012) Abstract #941