Clinical Trials

Mechanisms and Treatment Response of Aggressive Periodontitis in Children

Sponsor: NIH NIDCR R01
Principal Investigator: Dr. Luciana M. Shaddox

The purpose of this study is to investigate innate inflammatory response and the role of specific bacteria before and after conventional periodontal treatment in children with aggressive periodontitis.

For more information on becoming a study participant, give us at call at 352-273-7911, email at or refer to the following link:

Periodontal Treatment Response in Type II Diabetic Patients

Sponsor: Colgate-Palmolive
Principal Investigator: Dr. Luciana M. Shaddox

The aims of this study are 1) to determine the effects of triclosan containing toothpaste on gingival inflammation in uncontrolled diabetic patients with periodontal disease; 2) to evaluate whether diabetic patients, with undesirable HbA1c levels and concomitant periodontal disease, will show improvement in periodontal status and glycemic following non-surgical periodontal treatment with and without the use of a triclosan containing toothpaste.

We are no longer recruiting for this study but for further information please refer to the following links:

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